La Ren Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Welcome to La Ren’s questionnaire page.  If you have made it to this page, then we know you are serious about adding a Papillon to your life.  Please consider this questionnaire your application for a La Ren Papillon.  Completing it supplies us with valuable information, which will help us, make a smart choice for the best possible puppy/dog for your family.

After completing this questionnaire we promise to respond in a timely fashion.  If we have any further questions we will contact you.  Please feel free to contact us any time with any further questions you may have about us.  After your application has been approved you may make a deposit on one of our puppies in a current or upcoming litter.  Selling puppies is not why we are involved in the Papillon world.  We are simply involved because of “the love of the breed”.  Our puppies are carefully raised and socialized.  We are working to breed sound healthy dogs that conform to the AKC breed standard.  Our wish is to find loving lifelong homes for the dogs we can no longer keep.

Will this be your first Papillon?YesNo

Have you considered any other breed? YesNo

Have you had pets in the past, which you no longer have?  YesNo

Have you ever surrendered an animal to an animal shelter or rescue organization? YesNo

Are you aware of any allergies to animals of anyone in your household?YesNo

If rent, does your lease allow small dogs or does your landlord know of your impending addition? YesNo

Single familyDuplexApartmentOther

Do you have a fenced yard where your puppy will be supervised? YesNo

Would you be comfortable feeding a raw food diet to your Papillon? YesNo

Possibly but I would like more information
Would you be comfortable limiting or completely withholding vaccinations? YesNo

List all activities you might be interested in pursuing with your puppy.
Household companionTherapyObedienceFlyballAgilityConformation showsTrackingBreedingHiking4-HJr ShowmanshipOther

Have you ever been suspended by AKC? YesNo

Personal references phoneemail