Ch Aurora La Ren Mission Accomplished

bred by Marilyn Van Vleit and Janis McLaren,
Owned by Paula Cox and Janis McLaren.


Showtime’s Born To Win (SOM)
Del Amo’s Live’N Itupat Sho-Tym NA (SOM)
Dalcia Swedish Connection of Ringlands 
Del Amo Promises Promises
Showtime’s Ruff’n Tumble (DOM)
Chisobee Little Rembrandt (SOD)
Showtime’s Calendar Girl
Showtime’s Born To Win (SOM)
La Ren Smooth Talker (SOD)
Jazzbo’s Marty
La Ren Tri Me Again
Titian’s Normandy (DOM)
Titian’s On The Dark Side (SOM)
Titian’s Pokadot Fashion (DOM)