La Ren Andali Lookin’ for A Good Time


bred by Janis McLaren and Andi Meloon.
Owned by Janis McLaren


Let The Good Times Roll
Akai`s Don`t Think I`m Not
Kecil Killing me softly
Arzillo Tango D’Amore
Ken Mar Blues Lady of Andali
Blicci`s All the Jam
Ken Mar Bessie in the Bustle
Edenrock Norwood Ringside Gossip
Cornsilk`s Tiggers Bounce
Blicci`s All the Jam
Donshar`s Rare Litlle Penny
Edenrock Norwood Kizzie
Kvar Janhite Mahogany Moon
Grejo`s Mia of Norway